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Immigration is a very crucial and challenging step in every immigrant’s life. It affects all aspects of the persons’ life including careers, family matters, life styles and culture.

Most people, especially business persons, immigrate for attaining a better opportunity in their life. Unless having relied on services of capable, efficient and knowledgeable people, one must not dive into any unknown, complicated and challenging field such as immigration.

If you have decided to immigrate to Canada and are disappointed by quality of services offered by unprofessional, greedy and irresponsible immigration consultants contact us at Miri Immigration Services Inc.

Dr. Miri (Mirikhoozani) is a member in good standing of “Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Consul” (ICCRC). Consultants  member of ICCRC are the only consultants authorized by law to represent immigration applicants for fee. As of June 30 2011 ICCRC became the only regulatory body for immigration consultants replacing CSIC. He also holds a certificate with honor from an Immigration Practitioner Program in Canada.

Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Consul (ICCRC)


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